Specialized, Customized or Surgical Pharmacology

CBI offers a variety of customized, investigative, and specialized surgical pharmacology and efficacy models to address our clients’ specific questions. These studies are hypothesis-driven and may require specialized or unusual techniques or methods. If you have a specialized study requirement, our skilled scientists can facilitate the protocol development as well as the conduct of these novel, difficult and specialized projects.

CBI welcomes the opportunity to develop new customized studies and efficacy models. The following are some examples of specialized surgical efficacy and toxicology studies that we can successfully conducted.  We will help you design your next unique custom surgical study! Some of our more esoteric capabilities include:

Biocompatibility Experience

  • GLP CNS toxicity studies with biologics, small molecules, devices, other
  • Anesthesia-induced cerebral toxicity in neonates – check out our publication
  • Intracerebral oncology, implantation of intracerebral tumors and treatments
  • Intrathecal, intracerebral and intraventicular dosing studies – check out our publication
  • Meningeal and skull repair and patching
  • Stereotaxic administration dosing studies-ex 6OHDA for Parkinson’s
  • Stent and vascular device deployment
  • Combination stem cell and device toxicity and efficacy studies
  • VX2 tumors in rabbits-tumor ablation
  • Orthopedic and joint studies – please see our publications for more information
  • Ocular and otic studies – check out our publication
  • Gastrointestinal and cardiothoracic studies – please see our publications for more information

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