Histopathology: Special Staining Services at CBI

Comparative Biosciences maintains a state of the art, fully equipped histology lab. Our technicians are skilled in the preparation of a large variety of tissue by way of FFPE, frozen (OCT) and plastic embedding. Our services range from routine staining, to special stains and immunohistochemistry. We offer our services in both research and discovery models, as well as in a non-GLP and GLP environment. All of our slides are read and evaluated by a board certified veterinarian pathologist.

We offer a wide variety of special stains to accomplish a variety of different endpoints in your samples’ histopathological assessment. Our ability to apply these special stains allows for us to evaluate a variety of disease models in house and optimize your time spent in the preclinical space.

We also extend our histology services to non research entities. If you are looking for a reliable lab to process your histology samples, please contact us for more details.

We can accommodate other specific or modified stains and/or procedures not listed upon request.

Histochemical Stains

  • Acid fast bacteria
  • Brown and Brenn gram stain
  • Brown Hopps gram stain
  • Fontana Masson (melanin)
  • Gomori’s modified silver
  • Gomori’s trichrome
  • Gordon’s reticulin
  • Hematoxylin eosin
  • Luxol fast blue (myelin)
  • Masson’s trichrome
  • May Grunwald Giemsa
  • Movat’s pentachrome
  • Nile red
  • Oil red O (fat)
  • PAS light green
  • Periodic acid schiff
  • Perl’s iron
  • Rhodamine (copper)
  • Safranin-O
  • Sirius red (polarized, fibrosis)
  • Sudan black (fat)
  • Toluidine blue
  • TRAP stain (osteoclasts)
  • Various silver and gold stains, Verhoeff Van Gieson (elastin)
  • Von Kossa (calcium salts)

We also offer Immunohistochemistry. Please consult our webpage for more information: Immunohistochemistry