Histomorphometric, or digital image, analysis is an important tool in the assessment of many types of histopathology changes. Digital photomicrographs are made and imported into image analysis software. The images are analyzed by the software and appropriate calculations and statistical analysis performed. The following are but a few examples of tissues and tissue disorders in which histomorphometry assessments may be informative:

picture1 picture2

  • Arteriosclerosis in vessel walls
  • Bone, cartilage-osteopenia, osteoporosis, cartilage repair
  • Brain infarct size
  • Heart infarct size
  • Intravascular changes including neointimal proliferation following angioplasty or stent deployment
  • Myofiber size
  • Neovascular or capillary proliferation in retinas or tumors
  • Size, number and configuration of tumor metastases
  • Wound healing

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We offer morphometry or digital image analysis in a GLP or non-GLP environment. Our Olympus program is a powerful and useful tool for morphometric assessment. Digital images may be saved and analyzed in a variety of formats and measurements calibrated appropriately.