Dermal Toxicology

Comparative Biosciences, Inc. offers a robust and efficient dermal toxicology program. Accelerate the development of your new dermatology drug, biologic or device with our dermatological study services. Our team has unique and extensive expertise in all phases of the drug development process for preclinical contract dermatology studies for small and large molecules, irritants, carcinogens and dermal devices.

Your studies can be conducted in any species at CBI. In fact, our team has more than 10 years’ experience selecting optimal models for dermatologic toxicology, efficacy, pharmacokinetics and pharmacology studies. Our experts will move your program toward regulatory submission in an efficient and timely manner.

Our facility has a 20,000 square foot vivarium capable of housing small and large animals. We have a fully equipped, state of the art histopathology lab in house to support your preclinical program. All of our slides are read by a board certified veterinary pathologist and all of our GLP reports are suitable for regulatory submission.

We regularly support dermal IND, 510k, NDA, and BLA’s. CBI has a strong history of creating preclinical programs that are acceptable to the FDA for evaluation of a therapeutic’s safety. Join our long list of sponsors with successful regulatory submissions. Contact us today!

Toxicology Studies

We offer a variety of contract dermal toxicology studies to accelerate the development of therapeutic and device candidates, including small and large molecules, metals, stem cells, nanoparticles and devices.

Specialized Methods of Assessment

  • OCT
  • Immunohistochemistry assays
  • Laser Doppler for blood flow
  • Silhouette photography

Dermal Toxicology Studies

  • Acute dermal toxicity studies
  • Acute single or multiple dose dermal toxicity studies
  • Two-week dermal toxicity studies
  • Four-week dermal toxicity studies (with or without recovery period)
  • Three-, six-, or 12-month dermal toxicity studies (with or without recovery period)
  • Two-year oncogenicity dermal studies

Specialized dermal toxicology

  • Acute perivascular irritation studies
  • DTH and hypersensitization studies
  • Phototoxicity and ultraviolet light studies
  • Skin irritation studies to intact or abraded skin
  • Magnusson-Kligman
  • Buehler method
  • Co-carcinogenicity dermal studies
  • Botulinum studies