Inflammation Pharmacology

Inflammation remains a significant unmet need in patients and companion animals. CBI provides a wealth of validated acute, chronic and immune-mediated pharmacology models, reflecting the strong expertise and experience of our study directors and scientists. We will be happy to provide more information and validation data for our inflammation models.

Inflammation results from a variety of causes, primarily due to local influences or due to autoimmune disorders. Please check out our page on immune mediated pharmacology for more information on the models we offer.

Inflammatory and immune-mediated diseases may be serious and life threatening disorders.  There a limited number of somewhat effective patient therapies available, but more research and drug development in this area are clearly needed.  Good preclinical models exist for many inflammatory disorders but for some, no robust animal models yet exist.

Inflammation may be divided into acute, primarily neutrophil driven reaction or more chronic, primarily lympho-mononuclear driven inflammation.  A variety of animal species are used including These special animals might include Lewis rats, BalbC mice, DBA-1 mice, APO-E mice, C57B6 mice, various transgenic and knock out mice, rabbits, dogs, Duroc pigs, hairless guinea pigs, and minipigs.

Developed and optimized over the past 20 years, CBI offers a wide variety of optimized and validated immune-mediated models suitable for the assessment of allergic and immune-mediated disease.  CBI is also skilled in developing new or custom models.

General Inflammation

  • Acute and chronic inflammation
  • Delayed type hypersensitivity
  • Local irritation and tolerability

Models of Acute and Chronic Inflammation

  • Dermal, ocular, otic, systemic
  • LPS and bacterial
  • Compound 48/80, capsacin, carrageen, and other chemical, inflammatory and cytokine mediators
  • Ovalbumin-induced
  • MSU-induced arthritis
  • Customized or unique models

Models of Dermal  Sensitization and Hypersensitivity

  • Dermal sensitization
  • Atopic and allergic dermatitis
  • Beuhler test (GLP)
  • Magnusson  Kligman test (GLP)

More Inflammation and Immune-mediated In Vivo Studies

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