Investigative Toxicology Services at CBI

CBI specializes in complex investigative toxicology programs to generally address unanticipated or unusual toxicologic or pharmacological events, or to conduct tolerability, efficacy or pharmacology studies that are of a novel, unique or unusual nature. These studies are hypothesis-driven and may have specialized or unusual techniques or methods. In some cases, they are requested by the FDA or by clinicians.

Solving your problems is where we are strongest. Our skilled scientists can facilitate protocol development and conduct these novel, difficult and specialized investigative toxicology projects. We also have years of experience working with niche models and providing the scientific expertise needed to answer the difficult questions surrounding your therapeutic. Our scientists have years of experience working with our clients to create successful programs for FDA submission. Our industry leading downtime between contract signing to beginning of in vivo studies allows us to tackle your preclinical needs on an aggressive schedule. Have any questions? Contact us today!

Custom GLP Study Experience

  • Anesthesia-induced cerebral toxicity in neonates
  • Intrathecal dosing studies
  • Intrathecal dosing toxicity studies in dogs and rodent
  • Stem cell toxicity and efficacy, device toxicity studies
  • Stereotaxic and intracerebral administration of chemotherapeutic in rodents and dogs
  • VX2 tumor combination toxicity and efficacy studies in rabbits
  • Wound healing and burn combination toxicity and efficacy studies