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By On March 2, 2018

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Toxicologic and Histopathologic Peer Review

By On August 28, 2017

Histopathologic Peer Review (PR) is an important tool in aiding quality and accuracy in the histopathologic assessment of toxicology studies. The peer review verifies and improves the accuracy and quality of pathology… Read More


Red Duroc Swine for Dermal Studies

By On December 17, 2015

Red Duroc swine are a frequent choice for preclinical studies, including scarring, wound healing and burns.  CBI is offering preclinical studies using these unique and interesting animals.… Read More


NIH blocks Chimera Research

By On November 23, 2015

The NIH has recently blocked Chimera research and funding at major university centers.  This appears to be driven by anti-science factions and animal rights groups who seem to be envisioning scenes from… Read More



By On November 3, 2015

We are now offering ELISAs at CBI.  The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a common laboratory technique which is used to measure the concentration of an analyte (ex. cytokines, antibodies,  antigens, other… Read More


New Preclinical and Toxicologic Imaging Capabilities at CBI

By On October 26, 2015

We are offering a number of new imaging capabilities to support toxicology and preclinical studies.  There will be an eblast coming out shortly and an update on our webpage.  These capabilities include… Read More


OCT assessment of bleomycin-induced dermal fibrosis

By On October 12, 2015

Here at CBI, we are using OCT to track the development and treatment of bleomycin-induced dermal fibrosis.  The OCT has proved to be highly accurate and sensitive, able to reliably assess small… Read More


Osteogenesis imperfecta model in mice

By On September 1, 2015

CBI is now offering an established model of Ostegenesis imperfecta in OIM  mutant mice.  In the model, mice develop with fragile bones with spontaneous fractures.  In an OI study, mice are assessed… Read More


Animal Welfare in the Biomedical Research Environment

By On July 13, 2015

Many people in the dog and horse animal world that I interact with love their animals and want the best for them medically.   At the same time, they think that they want… Read More


Melanin associated antigen induced uveitis

By On August 27, 2014

CBI offers a lovely MAA ocular inflammation model in rats that recapitulates the human disease of Anterior Uveitis.  We spent several years developing the antigen and then validating and optimizing the inflammation.… Read More