Research the dermal pharmacokinetics bioavailability, ADME, and toxicokinetics of your new dermatology drug, biologic or device in any species. Our models are normal, diseased, knockout and transgenic models with single, multiple or infusion/slow release dose administration of small and large molecules, stem cells, metals, nanoparticles and devices.

We feature rapid study initiation and report preparation to meet sponsor deadlines or milestones. We comply with FDA, OECD, and ICH guidelines. Our capabilities in Pharmacokinetics include early exploratory, investigative, or screening studies, cassette dosing studies, juvenile studies, disease model studies, and formal studies that support regulatory submission. We specialize in unusual and customized studies.

Dermal Pharmacokinetics/Bioavailability Expertise

  • Studies in a variety of research models, including:
    • Knockout
    • Transgenic
    • Duroc swine
  • Studies in disease models
    • Diabetes
    • Inflammation
    • Wound healing
    • Burns
  • GLP and Non-GLP studies
  • Singe or multiple dose
  • Sample analysis from:
    • Blood
    • Urine
    • CSF
    • Feces
    • Application sites
  • Measure Cmax, Tmax, AUC
  • Metabolic and pharmacodynamic studies
  • Complex or non-standard routes of administration