“CBI completed a very difficult combination efficacy–toxicity
stem cell and device 1 year GLP study for us. The study was
completed on time, and was thorough and detailed. The report
was terrific and we had a successful interaction with the FDA.”

— CEO, Biotech Company, 2012

“CBI’s study director was most knowledgeable and went over
the top concerning understanding the disease mechanism and
the mechanism of action of our test article.”

— VP, Biotech Company, 2013

“We had an impossible time deadline for our FDA submission
for a complete preclinical tox package with our small
molecule and CBI made this happen for us.”

— SD, Biotech Company, 2013

“We needed a very complex animal model developed and
optimized and validated for us, including unique histology,
immunohistochemistry and histomorphometry-CBI got
this done for us in a timely and cost effective manner.”

— CSO, Biotech Company, 2012