The American College of Toxicology Annual Meeting the most cutting edge toxicology meeting anywhere!  This year scientists from CBI attended and exhibited at the ACT meeting in Palm Springs CA in November 4-9, 2o17.  We sponsored a Specialty Seminar entitled “Preclinical Screening for the New FDA Guidelines” presented by our collaborator Dr. Jeremy Turner.  Dr. Turner is a world renown expert in preclinical ototoxicology studies and is the CEO of Turner Scientific and a frequent collaborator with CBI.  Our presentation reviewed what preclinical otic toxicology is, how it is measured, and how antibiotics, anticancer agents, and many other drug classes damage hearing in animal models and humans. Participants were brought up to data on the latest ototoxicity research and how the field of toxicology could take better advantage of this research to develop safer medicines more efficiently.

During the General Session, we caught up with a lot of our friends and colleagues.  The scientific  meeting was excellent and included new developments in ocular and otic toxicology, rare diseases, slide scanning, and epigenetic toxicology.  The poster sessions were excellent and contemporary.  Drs. Carol Meschter, and Maneesh Taneja, our new Preclinical Director, and our sales manager, Aditya Saxena, attended the meeting and manned the exhibit as well as attending the posters, scientific meetings and plenary sessions.