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Toxicology Capabilities at Comparative Biosciences

Space Available for Rent at CBI

Complement Depletion with Humanized Cobra Venom Factor Reduces Tissue Damage in a Mouse Model for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

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Space Available for Rent at CBI

Need space to conduct in vivo studies? Comparative Biosciences has a limited number of animal holding rooms and/or space in holding rooms available to rent under its longstanding "Facility Use Agreement" program.

Under the program, clients can rent space in order to conduct non-GLP studies in mice or rats, including immunosupprssed animals. Comparative Biosciences provides the space, the husbandry and other services as required, you conduct the studies!

Contact me now to discuss: Mike Zamora, Business Development Manager at 408.738.9260 or by email: at mike_zamora@compbio.com.