Toxicology Studies

We offer a variety of contract dermal toxicology studies to accelerate the development of therapeutic and device candidates, including small and large molecules, metals, stem cells, nanoparticles and devices.

Methods of Assessment

  • OCT
  • Immunohistochemistry assays
  • Laser Doppler for blood flow
  • Silhouette photography

Dermal Toxicology Study Expertise

  • Acute (LD50) dermal toxicity studies
  • Acute perivascular irritation studies
  • Acute single or multiple dose dermal toxicity studies
  • Co-carcinogenicity dermal studies
  • Four-week dermal toxicity studies (with or without recovery period)
  • Hypersensitization studies
  • Phototoxicity and ultraviolet light studies
  • Skin irritation studies to intact or abraded skin
  • Three-, six-, or 12-month dermal toxicity studies (with or without recovery period)
  • Two-week dermal toxicity studies
  • Two-year oncogenicity dermal studies
  • Botulinum studies